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Intro to Python, Chapter 2: Basics & Variables

May 1, 2020 - 1 minute read - tutorialspython


Welcome to the first module! This week will be spent introducing yourself and meeting your fellow classmates, completing the Student Learning Contract (a requirement so that you aren’t automatically dropped!), and gaining a broad overview of what it means to learn how to program. You’ll also roll up your sleeves and begin installing Python on your computer.

You should have already completed the Student Learning Contract from the Course Orientation module. If you have not completed it yet, please do that first! Tasks to Complete in this Module

Read and study: M01 Readings and Media.

Complete the Introductions Discussion.

Install Python on your computer. Using your favorite search engine, locate a tutorial on how to install Python 3 on your computer. Save the URL because you will share it with the class next week. Alternatively, use one of the tutorials on the Module 1 Resources page. The version of Python I will be using in this course is 3.8.0, but you can use any version that starts with 3 (do not install Python 2). You will need Python installed in order to complete all assignments starting with Module 2 (next week!).