Jesse Lawson

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In addition to the tutorials I write, I also build open-source tools, games, compose music, research emergent sentience, and am a voice actor for indie games.

Selected Open Source Projects

    The Cellular Agent Research Experiment System. Written in Python, this toolset is for A.I. researchers studying emergent intelligence in discrete systems.

  • TextEngine
    A fast HUD text library for Unity3D/C#.

  • Gravity Grid
    An Android math puzzle game in written in Java with LibGDX.

  • Easy Author Image A WordPress plugin with over 50,000 downloads!

  • CampfireJS
    A pure JavaScript interactive storytelling kit.

  • Unsubscribe Me
    A clicker game about trying to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

  • TaoJS
    A tiny JavaScript testing tool.

  • SharepointSheriff
    A set of PowerShell tools for 0365 SharePoint migrations

  • See more @ GitHub!

Books & Essays

Books I have written

Books I helped write

Essays and some tutorials on



  • “Blank Page”, about a young laywer who gets caught up in a massive criminal conspiracy. Quarter Finalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival!

  • Coping with Creativity. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of our minds and how we can adapt to and even overcome the mental (and sometimes physical) barriers that prevent creative flow. I talk about ways to push past self-imposed obstacles and we do deep-dives into people’s submitted scripts and stories. It is my hope that this podcast will be motivational, inspirational, and most of all, will validate the hard work it takes to cope with creativity so that other creators like you can get through their own mental obstacles and start creating again.

Voice Acting

  • I do voice acting primarily for indie game developers–but would love an opportunity to work on a larger title. Here are some samples for a Star Wars cartoon that was cancelled, and all the audio for a game trailer currently in development (and I did all the voices).