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Sep 29, 2018 - devlog Waystation Echo

Waystation Echo DevLog 5: Some bad video and animation updates

I tried using Open Broadcast Server to record a demo of how I am handling arm animations, and to show off a little bit of the look and feel (in alpha stage, of course) of Waystation Echo.

Some things to note in this devlog update:

  • I am constantly learning new things in Blender. Since teaching myself how to use it about a month ago, I have been going full-speed at modeling, texturing, and animating. I have lots of fun ideas that are coming out with regards to style and feel for this and possibly future titles, so in addition to being a great new tool that I am getting familiar with it is also an exercise in restraint.
  • Animations are a lot easier than I thought. Animating first-person arms is astronomically easier than having create and account for the spaghetti-like relationships of all the blend states and montages and state machines that existed for the third-person prototype of this game. I grew up with first-person games, too, so it feels a lot more natural to me to be working on one now.
  • The concept art is really fun. I have a ton of maps and sketches I’ve been putting together that I want to share with you once I find a smart way to scan it all in. I am a long-hander, and as such, sometimes it’s hard for me to share the enormity of notes that I take. I’ll get them up eventually, though.

This update is a little smaller than most of them, mostly because I already posted a tutorial in tandem with this week’s update.

For today and tomorrow–when time permits–I’ll be working on the item inventory system, the animations that account for the Rsync tool (formerly the “charge tool,” Rsync stands for “Remote SYnthetic Neutronian Charger”), and a few more items of visual polish.

By the end of the weekend I’m hoping to be able to:

  • Pick up the Rsync
  • Equip the Rsync
  • Unequip the Rsync
  • Use the Rsync*

Stay tuned!