Jesse Lawson

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Hire Me

Hello! I’m looking for an opportunity to study and master new tools and technologies, write tutorials for both technical and non-technical audiences, and help individuals grow personally and professionally.

Are you looking for a strong generalist who believes good documentation will save us all? Then keep reading!

What I’m looking for

I want to learn about, tinker with, and write tutorials for languages, tools, frameworks, services, products, and technologies.

Bonus points if you are in the games and entertainment industry; I’m an indie game designer/developer, bestselling sci-fi author, voice actor, and composer, too!

As your newest technical writer/developer advocate, I would like to be primarily focused on:

  • interfacing between internal and external developers; working closely with external developers to translate concerns to internal teams, and working with internal teams to ensure external concerns are addressed
  • writing tutorials
  • writing more tutorials and helping with blog posts
  • helping marketing/public relations with technical questions, and providing technical copy editing for blog/social posts (especially for campaigns that target external developers)
  • building a positive image for your products, services, and company in online development communities (GitHub, HN, Reddit, and various forums around the web)
  • writing even more tutorials and blog posts
  • giving a talk every now and then

A competitive salary, benefits, and reasonable flexibility (I have three young kids), including being able to work remotely from my home office, are must-haves.

Please note that I am not looking for contracting/temporary work at this time. Only full-time or long-term part-time positions, please.

Where I Can Dive In Right Now

In no particular order and non-exhaustive. I love learning new things!


  • C/C++ (primarily geared toward game development a la Unreal)
  • Rust!
  • Ruby (including Rails and Jekyll)
  • Python (including Django, Sphinx, and Pelican)
  • Go (including Hugo)
  • Node (including Express)
  • JavaScript (including React, Angular, Knockout, and Vue)
  • PHP (including Laravel and Symfony)
  • Java (including LibGDX)
  • C# (including the .NET and dotnet core families, but primarily geared toward game development in Unity)
  • R (including all the data analysis and statistical packages you can dream of)
  • PowerShell (including Windows systems administration)
  • Bash (including Linux systems administration)
  • LaTeX, Markdown, Pug, Twig
  • SQL (including TSQL and every flavor of RDBMS)
  • HTML and CSS (including SCSS)

Site generators/CMS’s

  • Hugo (I’m using it for this site!)
  • Jekyll
  • Sphinx
  • WordPress

Employment History

  • Information Systems Director (2018-Present)
  • Systems Administrator (2015-2018)
  • Programmer/Webmaster (2014-2015)
  • Full-Stack Engineer (2012-2014)
  • USMC Intelligence Specialist / Inspector-Instructor Staff (2009-2012)
  • USMC Combat Instructor (2006-2009)
  • USMC Rifleman / Assistant Training Chief (2004-2006)

Formal Education

  • M.S. Computer Science, in progress (just for fun!)
  • ABD PhD, Higher Education, 2018
  • M.A. English, 2015
  • B.A. Sociology, 2013

How to get in touch