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May 1 2020 in tutorials/ python/
Intro to Python, Chapter 2: Basics & Variables →

Previous chapter: Chapter 1: Installation & Foundations Next chapter: Overview Welcome to the first module! This week will be spent introducing yourself and meeting your fellow classmates, completing the Student Learning Contract (a requirement so that you aren’t automatically dropped!), and gaining a broad overview of what it means to learn how to program. You’ll also roll up your sleeves and begin installing Python on your computer. You should have already completed the Student Learning Contract from the Course Orientation module.

Jul 16 2015 in Tutorials/
Nginx - Proper 443 (HTTPS) and WWW Redirecting →

Recently I was working on a project that required an Nginx server to redirect all traffic to, and by all traffic I mean anything that did not start with needed to be rewritten to that. This included: and To do this, the configuation file on Nginx should look like this: server { listen 80; server_name; return 301$request_uri; } server { listen 443 ssl; ssl on; ssl_certificate /path/to/your.

Jan 24 2015 in Tutorials/ Sysadmin/
How to Install CouchDB Locally and Enable CORS →

These days I’m doing all my development work on a Chromebook. Since the majority of my projects involve Apache’s CouchDB, I need a local instance up and running. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to install CouchDB from a Ubuntu command line and enable CORS manually (by editing the config file).