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Aug 31 2020 in Blog/
The startup(ish) grind and bytecode interpreters →

In May of this year I took a step down from my high-level role and dove head-first back into the weeds as a solo engineer at a public education startup. It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of something again; I’m both energized and exhausted by the constantly evolving challenges and demands, and look forward every day to being part of a team that cares about serving the public. I’ve been building a lot of things, both literally and metaphorically, and as a result, all of my personal projects have taken a backseat.

May 19 2020 in Blog/
Updated styles and cleaner tutorials →

With all the new feedback I’ve received on my Rust tutorial from a recent HackerNews thread, I’ve spent a lot of time with the layout that I came up with last year. Usually what will happen is I will go through and completely update the theme, spending a whole weekend trying to format it in another way that will finally make me satisfied so that I can focus on content. Of course, what ended up happening was what happens to every writer: you spend more time futzing with your tools than you do actually writing.

May 16 2020 in Blog/
Incremental steps toward my next tutorial series →

Lately I’ve been teaching myself Dart after a brief but fun fling with Flutter, Google’s cross-platform application development box of magic. I stumbled across Flutter completely by chance; my daughter and I had been putting together notes and taking pictures for an app idea we had: show a picture of someone in a fighting stance, and every time you tap on them, they are knocked back in a different pose. We ended up capturing her doing six silly poses.