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Aug 5, 2018 - Astromos devlog

Astromos DevLog 1: Look and feel and the general idea

So my daughter has been drawing a lot of aliens recently, and at night she likes to lay in her bed and draw while I work on my own art. This month (August), I promised myself I would focus my creative energies onto ONE project–which, if you know me, is a massive challenge–and that focus is going to be on Astromos. (I need something to distract from the fact that I have 30 more days until the Austin Film Festival results are announced!)

Astromos will be a platformer where you play Bin, an astronaut who has crashed on an alien planet. It’s a docile planet (mostly), full of strange items and things and creatures.

The premise is that you are working with your crashed ship’s AI to go out and find things on the planet that you can take back to your ship and put into your ship’s reatomizer, which turns weird stuff from this world into usable parts to fix your ship to one day get back home. It’s a lot like Subnautica, although a lot less violent. Think No Man’s Sky and Subnautica together had a retro dream.

To populate this world, I’ve been drawing some concept art. Nothing, however, is as fun as getting your kids to participate, so I asked them to start drawing monsters to add into this world. My daughter (M) provided this last night:

…and before bed, we stayed up and turned it into a pixelated creature that will be an NPC in Astromos. Here’s the final result:

She has named it “Flobb."[/caption]

We stuck Flobb into the prototype I’ve been working on. There’s a lot of potential here, so I’m excited to see where this world and game development takes me.

Here’s a quick peek:

Until next time!

Update 9-Aug-2018: Just got back from a vacation and spent a little time cleaning up the rendering pipeline. I have a lot more concept art to get through and start animating, but I wanted to give you an idea of where we’re at so far: