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Jun 3, 2018 - Blog

Evolved is set for a Fall release!

Great news! Evolved is now in the pipe for a Fall release. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions trying to sink my teeth into the story and kick the reader in the gut as many times as possible, but after listening to some feedback from a trusted source, it looks like the story does a fine job of doing just that.

Here’s a sneak preview of where the cover design is at right now:

I’m going to be playing with it a bit, but the grayscale aesthetic is probably something I’ll keep. I like contrast between dark and light, as it fits in with the story well.

I also finally finished Episode 6 of Coping with Creativity. This one is in a more “produced” podcast format, and talks about alcohol and drugs as tools for creatives that are easily abused.

As Northern California continues to heat up for the summer months, I’ll be diving into PhaserJS for sone HTML5 game ideas I have, keeping my skills with JS and the whole family of tools around it sharp. Also, it gives me a chance to work on art assets, too, as I really like being the sole person designing the mechanics and visuals of an interactive experience. It takes longer that way, but I think it makes it more personal.

I would love to get back into Unity development, but the problem is that I am at my kitchen table with my laptop so often that a big IDE (Visual Studio) and the Unity Editor open and me trying to build things with a mouse and whatnot is not jut usually practical. I think there’s a scope aspect of it, too; JavaScript games can get enormously complex, but to me there is a sense of minimalism in the development of them that really strikes a positive chord with me. That’s probably why I like them so much.

I’ll be setting up a new area on my site devoted to the games I’m writing. That might not be out for a few months, but stay tuned anyway. You never know with me.