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May 7, 2018 - Blog

Back to Long-Form Fiction

This weekend is wrapping up on a very good note: I finished my Austin Film Festival submission of BLANK PAGE, churning out the series synopsis in a whole day of writing and getting both it and the pack of three episodes at exactly 75 pages. In a way it’s like a whole chapter of my life is finished, but instead of moving to a new chapter, I’m dusting off the old books (quite literally, actually) and hitting both EVOLVED and CAIN hard.

I always wrote that I was going to finish them in 2018, but I never knew what that actually meant. Well, it’s time:

I’m officially starting my third round of rewrites on Evolved, and will be simultaneously pushing out Cain. I’m going to focus most of my work on Evolved, since I think that’s the direction I want to go with my writing and storytelling, but Cain is begging to be written and this pulling feeling inside me will only go away when I finish writing the damn thing.

Also, I’m going to wrap up the Coping with Creativity podcast. I really like reading listener-submitted scripts, but I just don’t have it in me to keep putting myself out there so much. I get a ton of downloads–way more than I ever thought I would–but at the end of the day I need to focus my time and energy on writing and storytelling and being a dad and being a husband. I’m going to sit on it for the week and see how I feel next weekend.