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Apr 3, 2018 - Blog

Pursuits and my digital brand and where I go from here (and how to support me)

TL;DR I am rebranding all my artistic pursuits as myself (so no more pseudonyms or entity names) and working on audio dramas.

My Branding Problem

I have always had a problem with “image.” If you have been visiting this site for the past eight or so years since I’ve had it, you’ll notice that every six months or so there is a radical change–in image, purpose, and content. Sometimes that even brought with it a heavy change in me; sometimes I would focus a lot of software or game development, other times on open-source tools, and even more times on my artistic pursuits.

This year I have decided that I’ve had enough of me trying to venture out and rebrand my work (and myself), and that I will instead buckle down and focus in on my main website here. I’m also no longer using pseudonyms or entity names; gone are Colduroy, my chillstep music pseudonym, Space Turkey Games, my umbrella entity I use for Unity3D assets and games I’ve written, and a more recent one that I really like but am ultimately going to abandon. (If I wrote all of the names of all of the ventures I have engaged in over the past five years, you would definitely think I am crazy).

There will be one final stroke of purging, one ultimatum with myself that requires me to go through Distrokid, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify for my music, and Google Play, Ko-fi, Patreon, Unity Asset Store, and other places for my other ventures that are called all sorts of things. I’m so disjointed and ambiguously located everywhere that my artistic pursuits feel like they have been the manifestation of a modern post-modern short story.

Audio Dramas and New Horizons

My music and composition has always been a passion of mine, and if you combine my love for acoustics with storytelling, guess what you get? Audio dramas! I’m so excited to have discovered this re-emerging field of storytelling. Independent filmmaking was something I always wanted to try, except I don’t really like filming people. I used to do a lot of photography, but I never felt a calling for video production. Audio dramas seem to be the best of both worlds: I get to write screenplays (well, “tele”plays, or whatever you want to call them), I get to perform and work with artists, and I get to sculpt acoustic experiences.

So I’ve been hard at work on an original audio drama, and have plans to adapt one of my finished novels into an audio drama that will be released along with the book. How fun! Finally, my video game project Waystation Echo will be reimagined as an audio experience–which will be easy, since all the scripts were intended for audio transmissions anyway!

The audio drama I am currently working on is called _Blank _Page, about a young attorney who is propelled into a massive conspiracy to control street drugs and, by proxy, society as a whole. Follow the progress and get updates on my Patreon page.

Financial Support

So all that being said, I am honing in on Patreon for my financial support. I thought about other services for a while, but some kind of sustained monthly model makes the most sense to me. This means I need to put my proverbial money where my proverbial mouth is, and start regularly publishing and sharing content. That’s not difficult for me; the hardest part is going to be ensuring I don’t _over_share.

So if you’re excited to be part of this journey with me, and want to support all my storytelling and artistic pursuits, please buy me a cup of coffee (or a breakfast burrito!) each month.